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Automated ID
is the easiest and fastest inspection software available on the market.

As soon as the inspection has been conducted with AIC (mobile device), the inspection reports are available to the user in PDF format.
Once the mobile device is synchronized, every user has access to the document

Automated IDsafety inspection software,automates inspection process from the field to the
management desktop.

Automated IDdrives the risk management processes with proactive, actionable information
that is accessible by executives, management and field personnel.

Automated ID

  • Reports inspections.
  • Alerts the users about upcoming inspections.
  • Increases financial and safety performance .

Whether you're in oilfield, building maintenance, general industry or in public safety,
Automated IDeliminates conditions that allow incidents to happen and reduce financial
and personal costs through detailed inspection analysis.

  • AI is designed to keep you ahead of the game

  • Notifications are sent informing you of upcoming inspections required to keep your
    items valid
  • Warnings are displayed when attempting to move an item that has expired or does not have a cert attached
  • Reporting

AI provides a series of reports designed to provide you with views of your items
Have a report in mind? We can create what you need to get your job done

  Why Automated ID??
- Fast
- Reliable
- Cross-platform
- Trusted

Companies trusting
Automated ID

  Automated ID on the move
Conduct inspection, retrieve
certification documents on:
- Laptops / Tablets
- Touch pads
- Smart phones

See Automated ID in action


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