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Automated ID
was created by programmers from the lifting industry who understand the needs, requirements
and challenges of not only keeping track of products (items) but also of providing our customers
with the proper product related documents.

Certification documents cannot wait to be presented when a lift is about to take place.

Automated ID is created to minimize user input.

We believe that it is our job to provide the software with:

  • Product description, size, working load limit, etc ...
  • Certificate of test
  • Certificate of conformance
  • Inspection Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Any other related documents you might require

The AI software package provides the following features and solutions:
  • AI is available through two access methods - web and mobile
  • AI web is an online program accessed through a browser
  • AIC is the AI mobile software system running on a lightweight tablet
  • Together, the AI programs provide access to your information in both office and non-office environments
  • AI helps to streamline your processes while ensuring data accuracy

  • The access to this information is simple, fast and reliable.

  Why Automated ID??
- Fast
- Reliable
- Cross-platform
- Trusted

Companies trusting
Automated ID

  Automated ID on the move
Conduct inspection, retrieve
certification documents on:
- Laptops / Tablets
- Touch pads
- Smart phones

See Automated ID in action


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